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From Oklahoma City, SEO KRAKEN brings you a team of digital fanatics who share a love for the online space. We bridge the gap between tech speak and real-world language to deliver a simple, effective way to get the results you need – whatever your industry may be.

Excellent service, engaging user experience, superior understanding of digital technologies and years of combined experience within SEO, website development and design are just part of what SEO KRAKEN is all about. A fresh approach to project management and relationship-driven solutions are the icing on the proverbial cake. As for our work, we will let our testimonials and past projects speak for themselves.



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Competitor Research

We perform thorough research on the websites of your top ranking competitors to identify the unique variables of your business, which are factored by the search engines while calculating rankings.

Google Analytics

A precise interior linking structure helps the search engines in crawling all pages of your website and indexing them appropriately. This eventually boosts the search engine rankings of your web pages. We shall write a copy which can be incorporated in your website or edit the existing content and navigation, to find ways to strategically link to other pages of your website.

Unique Content

Poor website content can cost you huge dollars. You can loose your potential customers. So, optimize content and don't just let go off any of your clients. Give us a chance to make your business better. 

Keyword Research

Selecting the appropriate keywords for your search engine optimization program is one of the the most significant aspect of website promotion. Attaining high search engine rankings or search engine placements for irrelevant keywords might not do any wonders to grow your business. Hence, our experienced SEO consultants takes the guess work out of keyword research by using tools, that tell us which key phrases search engine users usually use to locate your products and services.

Commonly Asked Questions

Our methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of each design challenge to allow us.

If you’re running an online business then naturally you should have good website presence. To get your website included among the first ten results of the SERP (search result page) of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, you need to take SEO services. If your website appears on the top of the search result page for the search terms utilized by the Internet users then ultimately you are going to gain much more business opportunities.

Almost immediately. You can usually expect to see your site on page one within 3 months. Most of our clients to page one before 6 months is out. Plan accordingly, in case you need to hire a few more employees to handle all of the extra business 🙂

SEM is Search Engine Marketing where as SEO, as already said, stands for Search Engine Optimization. Both SEM and SEO bring website visibility but former (SEM) is much more pricey than the latter (SEO). For SEM services you will have to pay to Search Engines to obtain services like Pay per click, Pay per impressions, Pay per acquisition etc. You will gain visitors as long as you continue paying to the search engines and once you stop, your ad will be removed. Naturally you will not receive any traffic then.

SEO is a bit different. You do not pay to the search engines. By employing proper SEO techniques you can gain the top most position. It can bring long term results.


Most of the website owners, in hope of getting a large amount of traffic, bid on relevant keywords and pay huge amounts to search engines but once they stop paying their ad is removed so it is recommended that you take SEO services.