One of my next favorites, or one of the most important, I would probably say, is determining your SEO strategy. This is really crucial for any kind of business model or business industry. It’s not just music production, but especially for you guys, as producers having a good SEO strategy can really make or break your exposure. So we kind of put a couple of stats here, because I feel like people know what search engine optimization is but may not understand exactly how crucial it is. So 93 % of all online actions begin with a search engine.

That means before people do anything else. On their computer or their phone most of the time, they’re searching first

28 % – that’s how many more clicks the first result usually gets and 50 % of all website traffic is driven by organic search. So organic search is obviously if you’re searching on google “, Drake, instrumental” or “ Drake type beat”. That’s organic! Obviously, there’s the paid aspect too, which you can pay to get in front of an audience, but it’s really interesting to know that 50 % of the traffic on the website just happens to come by organic search.

So that just shows you guys that having a good SEO strategy is really really important For producers, especially obviously you guys know we have the meta-tool on BeatStars, where you can add your tags, you should be adding your bpm, your key, the genre, the moods. All of those things that artists search by
I want to confirm with you guys: if you didn’t know, we don’t create filters or create those different sections in the meta description just to create them If they’re there. That means that is a way we are seeing artists search on the site.

So it’s really imperative that you guys take the time to fill out that entire section. With that being said, when you’re doing your marketing outside of your main website, BeatStars and outside of promoting in your feed and things like that, YouTube is a really big place to get your music discovered.

So we created a YouTube description, a template that you guys are able to utilize. So for those of you that are really struggling with getting seen on YouTube or getting your beats heard, this spreadsheet is a really great way for you guys to do that. I think I saw in the comments that Kloudnine said he tried it out and it worked. I mean I’m not surprised, but I’m excited to hear that you tried it out and that it worked. So we have everything here.

You guys can fill in the information, but we’ve taken this information not only from our own knowledge but studying the videos of some of the top-ranking videos on YouTube and the way that those producers put that information together.

So if you guys need a YouTube description, template here is a great place for you to get one. Also, on that web page, you’ll see we had the hashtags, you can try. So when you look at these hashtags they’re are some general hashtags like # beatmaker. # producer.

# BeatStars, but there’s also some that you guys will need to adjust and edit such as # ARTISTTypeBeat. You can swap the artist’s name, obviously with whoever is relevant. So there’s a ton of really cool hashtags for you to try. Hashtags are a really easy way to get some free exposure just need to put a # sign before a word, and just like that. Your music can be discovered by tens and hundreds of potential customers.

Then, like I said being that SEO is hard for everybody, it’s something even we’re still learning and trying to improve on. We have this little section down here, for you guys that really breakdown what is search engine optimization and a few key ways that you guys can improve that

This is a really good example of where you can see the page title metadata versus the page description, metadata when you search a particular term So again, just making sure you guys have quality content. You got keyword strategy, your meta descriptions are there. Your tags are there and you guys include relative links, can really make or break your business’s exposure, and if you do take the time to really develop an SEO strategy, it can allow you to grow organically.

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