In this class we are going to learn what is It is Google’s algorithm, update and punishment, As we discussed in the previous lesson. Google is the market leader in search engines because of the I will also optimize it for Google during most of the SEO process. This chapter also specifically introduces the search engine for Google. This chapter discusses Google’s algorithm update and why it happened.
Types of updates and their impact on it.

First of all, what is the Google algorithm update? We know that Google is committed to providing users with relevant search results, Search query To provide accurate results. The algorithm used by Google is also known as Rules guidelines and ranking factors.

Google will add or update or Eliminate its rules and guidelines over time.
We call these algorithm updates So how to track the latest Google Algorithm update.

The latest Google algorithm update will be Kaleidoscopic because they release frequently. There is no fixed time frame. There is no fixed timetable.
It will happen randomly throughout One and a half months, or something like that. So what you can do, since Google usually doesnt announce all the updates, But only make major changes and cause many changes in SERP.

Then they usually will either publish it On their webmaster, blog or official Weibo channel Algorithm updates are also monitored. Measure search results every day, Fluctuations of third-party tools such as MozCast or Semrush or others. Here you can track the latest. Google Update information, even if there is no direct announcement by Google
So we can also use some methods to track the updates and learn more about. It is From these kinds of resources:

Such as Moz SEO roundtable Search engine magazine, Google Developer Blog.

These are very good sources to get a good Regarding the latest update trends.
So, first of all, let’s take a look at the main ones, Algorithm update. Where has happened in the past. As I said at the beginning, There are many search engine, algorithms Updates and some are not even officially announced. So, let’s take a look at some of the biggest past updates.

One more tip When Google doesnt An update was announced and we found it to be a major update. So we call it a core update.

If you do not understand some of the terms, I would like to mention them, Then dont worry, because I will explain this in more places In our web SEO and technical details SEO courses. The purpose of the first Panda update is to check the content quality of the webpage. It Check for duplicate content.

Plagiarized content, The content is plagiarized and the content is thin Empty pages and spam Penguin update The focus is on finding low-quality or spam information Check. Spam websites buy backlinks and open backlinks
Blog network irrelevant links, over-optimized link, anchor text, etc. Hummingbird Update The focus is on logical content, analysis and optimization. It checks, User intent, analyze search, queries, identify keyword, filling and low-quality content Phone update. The point is to make sure The sites mobile optimization is due to the growth of mobile search users.

It checks the responsiveness of the website and also to check the mobile user experience. Mobile responsive websites are no longer optional, But for Google it is a mandatory requirement for search engine rankings.

Rankbrain update The focus, is on user experience And understand user intent, Take advantage of advances in machine learning. They are trying to determine the meaning and intent behind the search query And provide the best matching search results. The focus of Bert’s update is to optimize content and establish authority Check the content to use natural Algorithmic processing technology to understand better search, queries and identify entities Identify the relationships between entities to improve accuracy.

And relevance related search results. The next one is medical dynamics. The focus is on healthcare law and education Website that provides life-changing information. The reason is that there is so much spam or Shady website began to provide various solutions. There is no proper background check.

Authenticity or expert knowledge So to ensure that the information is completely ethical and trustworthy. Google introduced this search update
It verifies the quality, The adoption of medical, legal and educational websites realizes the so-called EAT Metrics. It represents professional knowledge, Signals of authority and trust. So now we come to understand what is Google search penalty, This important action? You need Understand that in the SEO industry, when a website does not meet Googles quality Standard according to its algorithm or rules, Google will take any of the two steps.

One is the so-called automatic fine in which Search engines found that your website is not Follow. The rules and behave like the world Use automatic search algorithms and have a negative impact on your website. Serp, Ranking, page or delete function to rank the top position.
It will degrade your website, SERP ranking and get your ranking back. You must find the error You make mistakes and violations and fix them continue to do SEO.

Ultimately, search engines will reverse the penalty Manual punishment. In contrast, this is more critical To automatically one of them was from the search engine web spam team.
Visit your website and check if you have abused SEO anyway And plac artificial penalties, if they find any evidence Generally difficult to recover, Because this is a worst-case scenario There you have to fix all the things mentioned. Most of the time manual penalties will be placed due to serious concerns, So once you fix it, You need to send a request to search engines so that they can re-evaluate manually Your website,
The time required to repair your website depends on the extent of the damage and can be. It ranges from just a few months.

Even as long as several years, It is possible, but it takes a lot of time. Time-Consuming and laborious. Getting back on track is compared with automatic fines. You better remember Any of your SEO. Work has both positive and negative effects.

However, even your website has been fully optimized for all current SEO: algorithms,
Now this doesnt mean it will prevent trouble before it happens. Algorithm also

In this lesson, we learned how Google uses search engine algorithms to update monitoring And provide security and related user experience for its users. Now we network, marketers can use these, Follow the algorithm, Googles, search engine rules and keep our SEO practices and processes comply with these guidelines. This is why it is necessary to keep up-to-date with the SEO industry. The rules and algorithm updates will continue to change.

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