There is a gap of knowledge most local business owners have concerning how to achieve better Google rankings.  In an effort to help local business owners understand and become more competitive in gaining higher search engine rankings, I want to explain a few must do’s for almost every online business.  Especially for the hard-working business owners who don’t have the time to take years of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training.

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Getting Into the Mind of the Searcher's Intent

What many online businesses fail to realize is to grow online customer traffic you must begin with a strategic plan of action. This plan always begins with researching how your online customers think. This is what we call the searchers intent. Sometimes we refer to it as “commercial investigation.”

  • How do they look for the product or service you have?
  • What would they type in Google if they didn’t know the exact name of your business or product?

You must understand what a potential buying customer might type into the search engines to find your product or service. This is accomplished by doing keyword research. Knowing the keywords your customers use in searching for your products and services allows you to target those words and optimize your website to attract them and to rank highly in the search engines.

Focus on Buyer Intent Keywords

Quality VS Quantity – Many Businesses make the fatal mistake of going after large volumes of untargeted visitor traffic before understanding QUALITY (targeted visitors) must come before quantity.


Having large numbers of visitors come to your site does nothing to your bottom line if they are not interested in what you have to offer.  It is far better to have 100 targeted hungry buyers come to your site who are looking for what you offer than 10,000 random visitors who will not buy anything. This is what is meant by buyer intent keywords. Words like “best hedge trimmer” probably means the searcher is needing a new hedge trimmer and is ready to buy.  These are the customers we want at our site.

Other key Commercial investigations would be:

When you look to increase your profit potential it is extremely important to make sure you optimize your website to rank for specific quality “buying keywords” which will have a better chance of ending in a sale for your business.

Implement an Online Strategy for Success

Every business which wants to grow must implement a continued plan for online growth.


Merely setting up a website and doing nothing else will leave your business lost in an endless sea of other online businesses.  Your site cannot be found anywhere near the first or second page of the search engines. (Nearly 90% of all searchers do not go beyond the first page before trying a new search.)

It is crucial for any business with an online presence to have a continued online advertising plan. The plan should include on-page and off-page search engine optimization. This involves acquiring incoming links (backlinks) from authority sources within the same or similar markets of products or services as your own. The backlinks should come from a variety of blogs, articles directories, forum links, social media, video, and more. Otherwise, your hard work to gain rankings will be short-lived with no lasting power.

Invest Online in Success

In order to obtain high rankings for the most profitable keywords and stay on top, you must develop a well thought out plan. You need to implement your plan to grow your rankings, earnings, and become a major player in your line of business. Remember your competitors are forever reaching to grab a greater share of the targeted customer traffic, too.


Few of the Oklahoma business owners I know have the time to focus their attention in so many directions at once. How is it possible to expand without a degree in internet marketing, or spending hours sitting at your computer every week?

Take the Sweat Out of Your Website SEO Work

The solution to the problem is simple. SEO Kraken’s team of Search engine experts has designed several unique and flexible programs to help businesses get explosive results. The plans will increase targeted customer traffic and profitability over time. This approach allows owners to concentrate on what they do best, running the day to day activities of your business.


Our finely-tuned regimen of continued monthly implementation has proven again and again to be the most effective strategy. The search engines reward you with higher rankings and allow you to dominate your competition.


All our plans start with the essential process of keyword research to target quality buying keywords. We help you choose keywords that have a high probability of producing profitable sales and increasing traffic to your website.

For more information or to get started on our plans and services just click “Prices”. You can request a free website evaluation by filling out the simple sign-up form below.