How Google my business works and why you may be doing it wrong hello and welcome in this video session. I’M going to briefly explain to you what Google my business is Olivia and – and I’m also going to show some examples as to most small business owners – are utilizing. Google, my business run, and I will hope that the insights will inform you so that you follow a better approach. Google, my business basically is an umbrella term that allows you to tap into what Google platform offers you, whether it is local business listing whether Google Maps listing whether having YouTube channel, whether you create Google page, whether you have Google Analytics Google AdWords anything related to Google. With one account, you can manage your business related sharing or information.

This is the URL that you need to go and read through a little bit more. You need to have Google account to tap into the potential of Google, my business. Let’S imagine you’re offering a local service and, let’s imagine there is a plumber in Melbourne, someone’s having an emergency. They want to find a plumber whether they go online, whether they use their mobile phone to search. Google, whenever a search term has an intent of locally based keywords, then we’ll end up seeing some ads here on top, as we can see ad here on the right ads.

Yes, but we also have this listing and if you notice slightly, the local listing is taking a lot of screen real estate. So therefore it’s only smart to utilize, Google, my business, because you can then allow your listing to be here as well. Furthermore, if you’re advertising with Google AdWords you, you then have to have Google my business because of these extensions. There are different extensions, sitelink extensions phone extensions review, extensions, all that is coming from Google. My business I’ll show you my AdWords account and under ad extensions we have location extensions, as you can see all extensions, structured, snippet extensions, all these stuff.

These are the extensions as you can see in this example. What Google is saying you know what there is a local business happening here as well, make sense. So, at the end of that ad extensions help, you reduce your cost when you advertise with Google AdWords, not only that it allows a better click-through writer as well, because it takes a more screen real estate as well as tells people that extra information about your business. Furthermore, someone may be searching for your local business on Google Maps. If that’s the case, not only people can find you on Google Maps.

You can actually advertise, particularly for Google Maps as well make sense or Google allows you and your business to be. You know no one to wider audience once you create your Google account. All you do is log in go to this URL you have locations, you can add your location as a physical location of your local business, verify it and take advantage of all what you will. My business offers you, I haven’t, got a location information because I work on Internet, but my clients do so what you can do is go to login, go to locations, add single location, search for your business name in Google Maps to see. If you knows it already, if not, it will give you an option to let’s say: let’s imagine, let’s search this, it says all we couldn’t find your business, so you type your business details in there your business address and if it’s not on the maps, it will Give you an option to enter your details, your business details.

This is very important if you want to use Google, my business simply follow the prompts it’s very easy and also anything related to Google, when there is an information that you’re agreeing to make sure you read thoroughly because that’s very important and never skip the important information. So now what if your customers come and visit you in your store or clinic and so on? Recently Google now has introduced a straight view for your business, meaning you can arrange. You approve google photographer to come inside your business and take your 360 view images as you can see. How beautiful is that, so, therefore, it’s only smart to invest in something that is unique.

It reflects your business and therefore it will definitely allow people to find about your business on internet make sense. Okay, let’s move through so therefore, once we log in as we can see, we have two different options and whenever you see these little icons, you can press on them. As you can see, you don’t have to create my business account because that’s to do with perhaps digital agencies managing multiple accounts or allowing different managers to manage your account, you can add different managers to your Google brand pages. Think of brand pages, as just a Google Plus package, so anytime you hear the term Google Plus page. They are basically your brain package.

Now this is Google, my business. The interface looks like this. It gives you a quick overview of the insights as far as, what’s going on with the content that you’re sharing, whether it’s your YouTube views, whether it’s Google Plus posts and so on. Since Google Analytics AdWords Google Webmaster Tools, Google, my business all work together in this Google, my business interface, you have a quick view as to see quickly what’s going on about your business as you can see, let’s press on this and let’s go to the page itself. So the interface we’re seeing is giving me the quick overview, and this is my brain page yeah as upset you.

I work on internet but I’ll show you the common mistakes. Most small business owners make. Let’S go to Google and let’s actually search for plumber Melbourne in Google search interface and as you can see, when DUP seeing all these results here, I’m just going to quickly follow through, as in take a look at what you’re seeing on the spring right now updated In 2004, this is the first rule about utilizing Google, my business. If you’re not going to invest your time, money and energy, maintaining your Google, my business, then don’t even create one make sense, because your Google, my business, reflects your business and if people come to your Google Plus brand page end up seeing things like this, and perhaps Some SEO spam – I has done this. Perhaps it seems like that because I don’t believe a business owner as in a plumber in Melbourne is going to start utilizing all these hash things make sense.

If you are managing your brand page make it reflect your brain. You can offer services, you can offer promotions, encourage people to reveal your business, give them incentives to do so because, or else it’s gon na work against you. Instead of for you. So, let’s see another one okay recently, but that’s about three four months ago and the profile image take a look. It’S just like a sales thing right.

Well, here’s the truth! If you treat anything that you do online is just as commercial of so then you’re not going to get anywhere on internet, meaning you’re not going to utilize the power of Internet to grow. Your business so first rule always have professional profile images and make sure you consistently update your Google pages. So you need to invest because that’s what you do: you’re a business owner. So sometimes it’s smart to invest bit of money because that’s how it works.

On return on investment, for you right, as you can see this, this looks a little bit more professional, but it hasn’t been updated, maybe nearly two years ago right. So if that’s the case, this business owner perhaps should delete this make sense, because even if you’re advertising with Google AdWords, you basically must maintain your Google my business profile. Let’S take a look, yes, okay. I don’t focus a lot because, as I’ve said, I work on Internet, but my clients, an optimization of their Google pages, requires different mentality, whether it’s your website that you want to optimize to bring in local customers or whether you optimize your Google pages. Certain elements were always better: first rule always create professional profiles and make sure you consistently be active interacting with people on your Google pages, offer discounts special offers trying to get those reviews, because reviews are critical for your local rankings anyway.

So if you haven’t watched this video that I made available, please do so, but while we’re here, let me provide something that will be of interest to you. If you do on a local business, and that is this structured data is very important its. It perhaps think it as something modern and you have the ability to get someone to include your local business details on your web pages, but perhaps you already have that in place. If so, let me show you something much better now. This is a local business mark.

Perhaps you know this already, but what you didn’t know is this: if you are targeting certain suburbs for your local business, then learn to categorize the suburbs properly, like so perhaps you’re offering services throughout Melbourne Victoria. Let’S imagine this as an example. If that’s the case, you can create a folder inside areas we cover underneath that have, let’s say five different suburb, as your page name and within each page, optimize. Accordingly, to do suburbs make it unique, make it original and furthermore, on those pages, don’t just have your local business marker instead trying to find more specific times. Furthermore, you can utilize itemprop description’ and when you do, for each of those unique pages is in five unique pages you’re targeting those suburbs then make the local business markup be different on all those five pages make them all different.

Make the description different because you can’t make your business address different? It’S the same, it stays static, but the description on those pages can be different. Like the example that i have highlighted here, let’s say: you’re a personal trainer. So therefore, the description on each page can be provides personal training services throughout London or Melbourne. Let’S in this example its London – but let’s say it’s Melbourne – Melbourne region region, including target suburb, make sense that is a keyword on your local marker at the next page, unique page short, something reflects your business, but your local business markup.

On that page, everything stays the same, except the description, make sense or provides personal training services suburb to on that page and so on, because as far as Google is concerned, everything starts by targeting the right keywords. I thank you very much for learning with me and I’ll talk with you in the next video session.

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