And I mean you guys asked for it, so obviously I have to deliver this one all about how to promote your video as an independent artist. One thing: we’ve all faced, hoping after we’ve made our songs and made our music video that the video the project goes to the moon, but it doesn’t always go that way. So we’ve put together this video all about how to promote your music videos effectively. So I’m gonna take you through five proven tips on what you can do to get those video views steadily climbing and potentially even go viral quick tips before we actually get into it. The old music can distribute your videos directly to vivo, so you can earn even more royalties.

Whenever people watch your content, we can set you up with a vivo channel and even upload your content. So your music videos can be promoted and placed in a better position to start receiving more views and engagement, and you can learn more about that in the description below cool. So let’s get back into it. Welcome one and all my name is vital and for this video, we’ll be talking all about how you can promote your music video and we’ll be going through the following using social media platforms to promote your visuals interacting on similar videos, publications, blogs and influences finding your Audience youtube ads and keywords: listen be on the lookout for all the gems that we’re going to drop and stay right to the end to get the best ones, but, just like usual make sure you check out the chapters the time stamps and the markers down below. So you can find information, you need it a lot quicker, but if not, you know exactly what to do.

Sit back. Take note and relax. [ Music ], all right then so before we start, I’m gonna need you to subscribe to the ditto music youtube channel. I’m gonna need you to hit like and definitely hit that notification bell. So you don’t miss a single video get down in the comments be in the comments: join the little community and drop the knowledge there that you might know or anything you find interesting.

Any chit-chat, if you want to be a part of the community, get involved. So first things first, it might seem hella obvious, but you’ve got to make the most of social media, show it’s fine to post one or two videos and get a bit of love. But a lot of us are just not utilizing social media to its full potential. One underrated medium is Facebook groups, there’s loads of community value, an opportunity to interact on interesting topics and interests. So one thing you can do to start: you off is to go onto Facebook search the Facebook groups search keywords that fit your content, look out for the most relevant groups and when you’re in those groups, it’s so important not to spam.

Instead, you want to add value to the group, look at the group’s existing content and see how you can mirror that energy or interact in the same means or provide the same kind of value as that piece of content that you’re looking at you’re. Looking for content with the best engagement and seeing if you can match that in the same way, then post your video and encourage people to check it out that should send way more traffic to your youtube. You also want to make sure that you upload an eye-catching thumbnail to anything that you upload on your youtube. This will simply grab people’s attention anytime, you post, so it’s very important to really think about the comment or the caption that you also posted to make sure it’s relevant or funny or inspiring anything to get you more clicks. So the main purpose here in regards to Facebook groups is to interact generally with all the topics and themes, and whilst doing this, you should be posting your links where necessary and relevant.

You can utilize this method on many other platforms, for example with Twitter, utilizing the threads and hashtags on Reddit, on discord on telegram on signal and even WhatsApp groups, and another new one that you could have a play with is utilizing the same kind of energy. The same method on the clubhouse, but obviously that’s all voice, so that’ll be joining the right conversations and groups in a space of topics and what people are actually engaging on similar to getting involved with social media and threads. It’S so important that you understand how youtube engagement, actually works. People read and post comments a lot. Potentially some people are in the comments more than they are actually watching.

The content itself so actively interacting with similar videos, is an amazing way to actually get spotted and noticed, and people potentially may start clicking your name if you’ve got a really good comment and they might check your channel out, check your content and see what you’re all About so doing the basics like commenting and liking other similar artists on youtube is so key in the youtube community posting really creative insightful inspiring comments could potentially result in that comment. You’Ve posted being liked by thousands of people and if your comment blows up, it’ll stay pinned to the top of the youtube so, like i said, that’ll result in more people seeing and potentially clicking your name, which will then lead to people on your channel and more People watching videos and more views for you, but don’t sleep on your own, get back into your older videos, check out the comments and reply like press heart and just get involved. Make a conversation happen in there. Even if it’s an old conversation keep that going because it’ll bring people back to that video and people might say you know what let me check out the rest of your stuff and see what that’s about another short way to help your videos gain an influx of views Is getting publications blogs and influences to share your content, finding the right media platforms to break down and or review your content could absolutely make your video content views fly and also help your engagement and following on socials. It can really help your credibility as an artist or brand, but the question really is: do you know how to find the right outlets to make this happen?

So, first and foremost, the best thing to do is to search any kind of publication, you’re, aware of and search their websites for any contact information. So you can kind of get the conversation started. Some blogs will directly let you know how to submit music for review and the ones that don’t most likely. You can just directly ask them for an email and see what happens from there. So this is the important part write a polite but compelling email, something different.

Something interesting on how you could feature or potentially be on their site, or maybe even collaborate with them in some way shape, or form. Another good way to find the right publication is to search for similar artists that sound, like you, that do similar music or are in the same genre, so you’re going to want to find someone who’s, obviously more established, maybe knowing a little bit more. Who has a little bit more credibility in the same space? And then you want to search for where their videos are posted on what publications and blogs? And you want to do the same method that you do for yourself, which is to contact them in regards to a feature or some kind of collaborative effort.

So the next thing you can do is search for youtube accounts that do reaction, videos, or tick-tock creators that review or create compelling videos, utilizing people’s video content or music content. So this is obviously more of a modern way to connect the dots and ensure traffic and traction on your content itself. But it’s a proven method. So if you’ve got the time and you’re willing to do the research and connect yourself with the right people that will potentially like your music regardless, it might be free or little to no money that you’re spending on getting your music in the right hands and potentially Going viral after influencers in this area are really the modern tastemakers, so where possible, connect with micro, influencers or major influences. Okay, so we’ve kind of touched on this area already, but I want to be a little bit more specific.

It’S so important that you target promote and share to the right audience. This is so important, listen, sometimes as a creative. We can all believe that everyone should love and want to listen to our music. I get it to trust me, but just because we think it’s amazing and it’s great, not necessarily everyone else in the world is going to think it’s that as well. It’S so important to share, find and understand your niche.

Your target audience your genre and as much as your friends and family may love and respect your music they’re. Not necessarily always your target audience so really think about where your genre of music is played. The most listened to the most and appreciated the most, whether it’s online or in the real world when it comes to online target social spaces groups, trends, communities, and even the challenges really do your research on where your music will be a good fit. So once you’ve identified these audiences, it makes it so much easier to plan and promote a campaign. So you can get your music to the right people in the right way and ultimately, you’ll just be growing.

Your fan base a lot more effective and, with that said, do not forget to use the smaller social media features within the platforms. We’Ve got loads of videos about hashtags, going live tick, tock stories, igtv reels and so much more and to kind of help, you build your social media following and really understand. Those features I mean a lot of these features are transferable, so if you’re good on one platform figure out how you can transfer that method, that technique to another, for example, stories are similar to Snapchat, and rails is similar to tick-tock. So you can utilize those methods that you already know and transfer them over last, but definitely not least – and this is a big one – you should start promoting your videos, utilizing youtube ads youtube and google ads revolve a lot around keywords and I’ll get into that. In a sec, but what you need to decide?

First, is: what’s your budget, what are you willing to spend to get a potential amount of views? Setting a budget can be very tricky, especially for up-and-coming artists, with not all the cash in the world, so it’s always best to start small test awards and kind of see what results you may get because you don’t really want to be spending hundreds or thousands on Ads and it’s just going the wrong place and you’re not getting the results that you need. So in a section, I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide on a basic ad strategy. I’ll explain how to promote your videos. Utilizing youtube advertising youtube ads, guarantee to put your videos in front of people with similar interests, so it’s well worth trying, even if you start with a really small budget, there are many videos online about running an ad campaign, but I wanted to give you a few Steps first, to ensure you’ve done the initial steps before you start spending any cash.

So here’s the step-by-step guide, let’s get into it all right. So, first things: first, you need a google account youtube account or a Gmail account. Some kind of google services accounts to start a process. You need to ensure at some point that you’ve attached a payment method or some kind of billing method, then you’ll need to head to ads dot. So let’s say we’ve signed in now.

Let me make sure I’m all the way in and then you’re going to click new campaign in the top corner. So what you’re going to do? You want to click, create a campaign without goal guidance. So for this campaign type you want to click video reach and engage viewers on youtube and across the web. If you scroll down once you’ve done that it’ll now say custom video campaign, that’s the one!

You can actually want to stay on uh when we’re talking about the campaign subtypes and here’s now where it gets a little bit more specific in what you’re doing and how you’re trying to maneuver okay rename your campaign just keep it simple. Just say if your music video is called, I don’t know, loving, music. Okay next is bid strategy, okay, so b strategy, so we’ll keep it on maximum CPV. We’Ve clicked that one we’re going down now we’re thinking about the campaign total. So what are you looking to spend?

What’S your total budget and the other side of it is or do you want to do it on a daily spend? Do you want to spend five pounds a day, 10 pounds a day, 20 pounds a day? You might say you know I’ve only got 200 pounds to spend. In that sense, you can import the start day and end date, but where the start date and end date, matters most is when you’re doing daily, because, if you’re doing daily it needs to know when is it going to stop taking out the 20 pounds a day? You know what I mean um, you don’t want to go on for 20 years.

You want to go on from maybe a month or two months, six weeks, whatever it might be, um whatever you can afford keyword, I mean you can go as little as five-pound. If, if that’s where your budget is – and that’s fine also you’ll still get something from that, you could be a long-winded campaign. So let’s say we chose 10 pounds a day 22nd of Feb and then we’re gonna go to. Let’S see, let’s just keep it a week just for one week, that’s what we’re doing a week to the first of March. Okay, so then we go down and we’ve got networks again.

This is all your choice and what you want to do, but I would recommend just leave it, so it goes to the furthest reach it can, if that makes sense, uh nexus locations. So if you’ve got any information from your Spotify for an artist or your apple music, for artists, kind of insights – and it says you’re getting loads of love in France and loads of love in Germany, then you’re probably gonna click. Maybe let’s enter another location and start adding different locations, or do you want it to just be everywhere all countries and territories so everywhere, but again, that’s a bit broad. So you’ll get the views, but I will you really get the effective engagement.

You know what I mean homing on, where the love is or where the love for your music or your genre is so I’ll leave mine as the UK for now choose your language and also if your music or your music video caters for different languages. It may be Spanish in English. It may be French and Spanish wherever it works, utilize this opportunity here to really cater to the audience that you’re looking for so now we get a little bit deeper into it. Um, it recommends standard inventory, but if you put limited then it would be like minimal, profanity, minimal sexuality, or suggested content in that kind of space. If you go for standard, it’s kind of like it depends.

It’S like in a mid-range, um, expanding means, it’ll, go on anything and that’s the best way kind of to work. I feel to kind of go with the standard is recommended and so now we’re creating an ad group. So I would just keep things the same and what did I put? Was it yeah, love and music? I love them music ad group because you might utilize this ad campaign in other videos, so you’re kind of making it specific at this one’s called ad group.

One yeah, but this is really important, the most important part, in fact, it says people who you want to reach, define your audiences and demographic or both so you’re gonna click, demographics, and this is where you get really deep into so again. I know that predominantly more males listen to my stuff, so, for example, i would do that or do I don’t really want to exclude the females or do i that’s the choice here when it comes to the unknown as people that have not necessarily stayed on their accounts, Whether they’re male or female, so I would leave that on because you might be missing out a good group of people in that space and if you know, for example, I know my core audience is 18 to 44. I know it’s a bit wide, but I know that 45-year-olds onwards are not listening to my music, so I’ll, maybe just get rid of those. I might leave the unknown on so again. Leave that open um again you want to get it to more people.

Audiences, specifically, this is where it gets really cool. So one thing you can do so again I make like rap music and grime and stuff, so I’m definitely gonna click, rap, and hip hop fans, music lovers, maybe media and entertainment, but that’s kind of going a little bit further away. But again it depends on what I’m making. What am I promoting? So if I’m just promoting music to be consumed, then I might just leave it as rap and hip hop fans, music lovers.

But if you pay attention over on the right side of the screen, it says 1.8 billion impressions that this potentially could get to. But that’s before we get deeper into you know everything else that we kind of put into there. But that’s just where we are right. Now again, keywords so important, so things that relate so who does my music sound like these me just saying random people that I rate as musicians, for example, yeah?

You can even include a website, so i could say: okay, where do all these artists usually put their music, maybe grime daily dot com and I’ll press enter and it’ll. Give me a list of keywords that link with that website. So I want to say grime daily grime, daily grm, daily lyrics for songs. I could go crazy with this, but you’ll see this slowly getting smaller, which isn’t a bad thing uh on the right side, it’s getting more specific to who. So he went back up to one night and maybe I made it a bit too broad.

So I take that last one off nice 120. I took the last two off because the smaller the number – sometimes not the worst because it’s getting more specific, it’s finding an audience so again we’re moving forward we’re trying to pinpoint our audience. So what topics were they like? Did they like arts and entertainment? Yeah?

Did like vehicles no and then again, I’m kind of based off the music. I might make it just to make it simply another cool place. Now, this is really really cool, so you can actually almost find where specifically on what videos you would want to see your video pop up and it comes up with a video itself for us youtube videos, if I click that it adds it to the list. So I can just start going crazy now, um if I choose a skeptic video, but I can just type it here and it’ll give me options to say, like here’s all the different videos that link to that oh yeah, shut down that could work, a bulletproof gun that Could work with and then now this might be getting smaller over on the right because it’s finding! Oh, that’s your audience!

That’S who you want it to be keyed at okay. So what are you willing to pay? What’S the highest you’re willing to pay per view, so you’re doing five pounds a day, for example, or 10 pounds a day, but per view of what you know. The bid goes for what you’re bidding for, and I mean you can keep it as simple as literally zero point zero. So one penny this next section says here to create your video.

Add your youtube, video pop it in there. So now it’s asking video ad format. Do you want it to be the type of ads, that’s a skippable stream, so maybe I want that yeah cool. Do I want a video discovery ad, which is basically using a little waist, always underneath the video, and you see it’s like a little suggestible or recommended video? I would prefer you guys to see, while you’re, watching before you watch what you’ll actually have come to watch on youtube.

So that way you can decide at that moment. If you want to keep watching or not again, it says final URL you’re, going to definitely put it there again and also on display. So if you had a video that had profanity – and you couldn’t necessarily utilize it, then what you could actually do is create an advert, and you could have the youtube video that you first put in here as the advert, and then it could direct you to these links here, so you could actually create a small advert that takes you to the actual video but you’re trying to get views you’re trying to get engagement, you’re trying to show the product immediately. So I would always say: put the video that you’re actually promoting in all three. So it’s good to go, and if you want you can have a call to action, you can rename it like number one grime I mean that might bring some people in it might make you think yeah.

This is the way to create a headline. Okay, could just be as simple as a new vial track or something be more creative than that worst-case scenario. If you don’t like the image you see here or the thumbnail, you already have on your video, you can upload a new one just for the advert, so it shows you the dimensions and the maximum file size. And again you can name this specific ad. Whatever you want it to be, love and music, add and I’ll put roses because that’s the video itself and it’s as simple as that you’re good to go.

You press create a campaign and then you’re good to go. And if you want kind of have a look over here, so it gives you a little understanding. It says you know what it might look. It might be better for you if you brought your maximum CPV bid up to 16, so I’m going to press apply and see if it makes any difference now, it’s saying so for a week, which won’t be that much money is like 35 pounds I’ll, be spending I’ll probably get 5 000 views which aren’t terrible not at all the impressions will be anywhere from six to thirty thousand and the average spend or the average CPV will be anywhere from one to five pence. The budget spends it’s saying: it’ll probably use about 95 to 100.

So it’s giving you an understanding of what you could do in that space and you can keep tweaking everything that kind of makes sense of it. So then, you’re actually waiting for it to be accepted and you’ll get an email within 24 to 48 hours, letting you know whether it has or not. And while it’s getting accepted, it’s actually good to see and watch the views as they start moving to see. If it’s doing what it needs to do to see if you want to adjust any of the budget or kind of the options that you’ve kind of put in a sense of where it is focusing your audience and where it’s trying to find your audience and always come back to ads google.

om to kind of check the metrics and see if everything’s working as you want it to, and you may even want to extend this promotion, this campaign, and kind of further your views, interactions, and impressions. The key part here is focusing on you know what get back together vital. The key part here is focusing on the options that you have to define your key audience: the better you’re targeting the better it’ll be for your campaign results, your engagement, and your view count. It’s also important to understand that there are various ways to set up youtube ads. So it’s so important that you do it the right way and also understands what you’re doing before you start spending loads of money because there’s youtube as there are google ads and there are different ways and measures to kind of get involved in and the screens may start.

Looking different, so if you know one-way work with one way, please research read around, and keep learning and watching videos to understand, because you’re going to learn a lot more as you go and to quickly round up. There are simple and easy ways to promote your video that work absolutely fine, but so important to understand the trends and the latest workings of social media and music video promotion to ensure that your content goes directly to the right person. So they can consume it in the right way. That’S how to get real results from a video marketing strategy, so research, trial and error experiment and use those results to better your next attempt every time. So yes, people.

I really hope this video helped. You understand a little bit more about music, video promotion and ads, and different things that you can do to help better. Your engagement, your view count, and so forth, and just to recap, we touched on using social media platforms effectively interacting on similar videos, publications, blogs, and influencers finding the right audience youtube ads, and keywords so from me vital and the old team love and respect. I appreciate you make sure you guys subscribe like get down in the comments hit, that notification bell do not forget, and I will catch you on the next one: more love, peace,

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