Without question, SEO is the most cost-effective way to direct visitors to your company by improving its organic search engine ranking. With nearly 95% of all Internet users relying on search engines to navigate the web, ensuring that your company’s website ranks above your competitors is key to create growth.

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At SEO KRAKEN, we understand the necessity for creating and implementing carefully integrated online Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies developed in tandem with the latest SEO methods to help companies like yours succeed.

Keyword analysis, competition research, content enhancement, code improvements, link building, and overall marketing strategy coordination are just some of the indispensable SEM tools and techniques that we have to leverage all there specifically for your company’s benefit.

Working in conjunction with your company’s other departments and vendors, SEO KRAKEN is there to help take your SEO strategies to the next level.

The KRAKEN SEO Process

Content Optimization

We work closely with our clients to find opportunities to syndicate pertinent and compelling content for their customers and industry. Additionally, SEO KRAKEN provides expert copywriting services that are designed to maximize the latest online marketing skills while simultaneously appealing to readers and search engines alike.

Website Analytics

You might have all the fanciest SEM tools at your fingertips, but unless you’re able to properly measure, collect, analyze, report, and optimize, you’ll just be spinning your wheels. SEO KRAKEN provides detailed monthly reports that include a campaign summary analysis, highlights, top rankings, and all the most up-to-date analytics information.

Link Building Strategies

Inbound links are considered a “thumbs up” of authority for your particular products/services are the currency of online marketing and trust. When you get the right kind of links, from the right kind of sites you become an industry authority making you relevant for your products and services. In other words, you must be considered a “leader in your field” by Google. SEO KRAKEN has a whole lineup of strategies to develop a natural link profile.

Analysis & Keyword Research

the higher the page rank the more customers you get.

SEO KRAKEN begins the process with a thorough evaluation that includes extensive keyword analysis and on-page optimization to make your company’s website as search engine friendly as possible. Some of the steps included are:

  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Keyword strategy development
  • Keyword targeting/branding incorporating relevant on-page changes
  • URL rewriting using keyword-rich URLs
  • Site Architecture Improvements
  • Utilization of all our client’s associations and ancillary relationships (PR companies, contractors, social media companies, etc.) to increase your company’s web presence and amplify existing resources.

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