I once asked a respected friend, someone very successful within their field here in Oklahoma City, if they would help me out with some ideas for shortcuts to quickly and easily complete a specific task. He slowly shook his head at me, as if he was disappointed with my question and asked me if I knew the definition of a shortcut.

I looked at him dumbfounded, afraid to tell him that I wasn’t a total fool, that shortcuts were simply faster and easier ways to get to the same destination. I knew a lesson in life was about to come my way through, and wisely I kept my mouth shut. He then told me that if I wanted to find the longest possible route between two destinations, go ahead and keep looking for shortcuts.

We have heard it a million times. Business and life really aren’t all about the destination, they are about the journey itself. Even when traveling, one direction may seemingly be shorter in miles, but heavy traffic and detours may turn it into the longest possible route.

Look for the right way

When it comes to your business, instead of looking for quick and easy, why not look for the right ways to build your online presence?

The best method? You are never going to find ONE answer, just as puzzles are never made of just one piece. When you are putting a jigsaw puzzle together, it isn’t until you have assembled many of the pieces that you begin to see the picture emerge. It is like asking which is more important, heading tags or alt attributes. The answer is neither is more important, they are simply pieces of the puzzle.

Are you kidding me? How could this possibly matter when it comes to SEO? When it comes to browsers, use the one you are most comfortable using, one with the plugins that will help you do the job.

When it comes to web design though, that is another matter. It is my personal opinion that you should have at least the major browsers downloaded so that you are able to check that the site does not break for others. Just because it looks great in Google, doesn’t mean it will work in Firefox. You can help this process by using valid code.

In my humble opinion, when it comes to building a successful site, neither of these methods is more important, you need them both. All the links in the world are not going to do a lot of good if your site does not provide what your target audience is looking for. Yes, quality content often leads to natural links, but you still have to get people to your site first for them to even see how great your product or service is. “Build it and they will come” just ain’t a thing that often happens in real life.

The Best Method

Once again, there is no BEST method. Although you should certainly avoid blackhat methods, you will want to use a variety of techniques. Keeping all of your eggs in one basket (using one method) is a good way to find yourself crashing in the search results when the algorithms change diluting the method you use. Take the time to learn a variety of link building tips.

Why does it always seem to be one or the other? All types of social networking sites can help you, provided you use them in a manner that doesn’t simply spam your site. I have said it a thousand times, and I will likely say it a thousand times more. In everything that you do, remember this old Theodore Roosevelt quote. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

My answer to this question will never change. It was the best advice I have received. Find something you are passionate about, something you absolutely love doing, then find a way to make a living doing it.

As always, if what you are doing is working and you are happy with your results, don’t even think of making any changes. If however, you are finding yourself in a position of running in circles finding ways to make it all work while you search for shortcuts, perhaps it is time to start from the beginning and learn the right way to do things.

Just my 2 cents…

Serious about SEO

If you are serious about learning solid SEO techniques, take some time to first learn the basics, and move on from there, one step at a time. Visit the SEOKraken resources to learn something new every day. The information there is invaluable!