Search engine optimization is dynamic. Tricks that were used a few years ago no longer work in the modern world. This is why webmasters are burning their midnight oil so as to beat Google in his own game.

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This article looks at some of the SEO tips and tricks that are going to influence the way webmasters will behave in 2020. A major tool in the modern world of SEO is Social Media Marketing (SMM), it’s a great way to market a brand and improve brand awareness.

Connecting to Google

Even though Google Currents is not as famous as Facebook or Twitter, connecting your website to Google Currents is one of the tactics to use to help enhance the ranking of websites.  In addition, you need to visit the contributor’s section and add a link to your website.  Have a Google My Business profile picture or photo included.


Also, ensure that you verify your website just to prove to Google that you are the real owner of the website. Including the phrase ‘’link up with us on Google My Business’’ is certainly an added advantage.

Local Search

Lately, Google is moving more towards the local search. This means that as the owner of a website, you must learn how local SEO works and tailor your website towards local search. Local search results will show the most regular results irrespective of whether the website is good or not. If Google is able to pair your name and your address, it means that you can be located at that address.

Content of the Pages

The latest trends show that Google rewards pages that offer what they promise. Ensure the content on each page matches the title and the keywords used.  Other than the content, your pages must have content that is organized in a particular way.


Visit any top-ranking pages in your niche, check how the titles are organized, the length of the sentences and length of articles, and replicate this on your website. Of course, we are not saying that you copy what others have done, but we are suggesting that you do things the way they do. After all, they are highly ranked because Google thinks they are the best. So choose to join them.

Other aspects you must factor into your plans include the tone of the articles, the layout, title tags, and the general organization of the website.

Make Use Of Videos And Images

So far, it has been demonstrated that Google likes videos and images. This explains why YouTube videos are highly ranked. In reality, videos have a 50x chance of showing up on Google’s first page. Make something that is interesting and entertaining and share it out in video form.


Think out of the box, craft something that is not found anywhere, and share it out. It could be a guide, a controversy, a bible, criticism, encyclopedia… Ensure that it is authoritative before you share it out.


When the ranking of your website improves, it grows your business.  However, do not expect to get the desired results overnight. If you can manage to connect to a social platform, incorporate local search ideas, create great content, and make use of images and video, you will be surprised at how you will improve your website’s ranking.