It’s strange but we often believe in things that don’t actually persist, but we consider them to be present and love to hear about them. And there are people in this world who take advantage of this and make us hear exactly what we want to. This even exists in the web design realm.


We often (though not at all times) purchase a product with fancy images. For instance, while shopping you may purchase a colorfully painted jar not because you wanted to store something in it, but because of its color that encouraged you to buy that particular jar. Even I wonder at times why I merely opted for a thing looking at the image and not at the product’s purpose. The only answer I get is that it looked great to my eyes. The more I fantasize about how great the jar looks, the more confident I become about my decision.

But, when opting for images and a design for a website you can’t just go for something merely because it looked stunning and captivating. Instead, try to find out the actual purpose behind the design. Make sure it works in-tune with your business needs. Likewise, choose the images that fit your site. For example, you can’t choose any photography theme for designing a professional business site – just because it had some amazing sections and eye-popping color.


Often novice website owners believe that over-boarding their site with design elements and choosing a complicated theme design can help them attain instant success. But, that’s a wrong notion! Achieving success takes time and rather keeping the design simple usually works better than over-stuffing it with complex elements that users might not be able to understand. Here I am not saying that you shouldn’t incorporate high-end functionality and features into your design, but what I mean is that try to keep them minimal to make your site visitors able to cope up with what you want them to deliver via your artwork.

But unfortunately, a lot of people believe in the “this” is “better” than that appeal. For instance, when it comes to buying a car a lot of individuals often consider buying luxury cars that are top-rated by marketers. Even though there won’t be many features and even the driving experience is only a bit better than some average rated car, but we’ll prefer to go for the luxury car. I hope most of you’ll agree with me here.

Likewise when designing a website don’t just choose a theme since it has a complex design structure. Think sensibly! Choose a minimalistic design that works well with your business stipulations.


There are people who will show a willingness to purchase the new rolled out version of Android smartphone, not because there was some problem with their old version but merely because of the positive and advanced features that people have been bragging about the newly launched phone. In fact, some people would purchase an iPhone just because they feel “jealous” seeing their friends or acquaintances holding some new device. This can even at times cause a larger problem, such as low self-image, and will make us feel that we should have the new item.

Likewise, people often go for a theme that has been trending in the online arena, they believe in what others are saying about a particular theme and how nice it looks. Rather it’s imperative that you should pick a theme that actually works in-tune with your website needs.


Some people want to have control of their surroundings. And a lot of people make use of design to have control. That’s because designed items help make our modern life run smoothly by providing ease. We can perform tasks much faster, connect to a number of people in the world, and conduct business processes in a more efficient manner.

People tend to use design in an unusual manner. Switching from paper to smartphone devices is a good example that explains how we feel to have more control by having a to-do-list app, instead of jotting down important points on a piece of paper. The bottom line is we believe in the wrong notion that when we have more control, we progressively become more in control.


Above mentioned points are some real facts that we people often ignore when opting for designing practices. Whether you want to design your site or add elements to it, you’ll most likely go for what people have to tell you rather than using your own brains. Though this might not be true in all cases, it happens in most of the cases. Reading this post will give you an idea of design superstitions that designers, business owners, and even clients believe in.