If you haven’t used search engine optimization (SEO) services before, then you might be wondering how much you need to spend. This is a common question among many business owners, but unfortunately, it’s also a question that can be difficult to answer. This is because of the fact that the cost of SEO is dependent on several factors. At SEO Kraken we try and make our costs and fees as transparent as possible and we have SEO packages to suit any budget.

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Cost-Effective SEO

You might have come across some articles saying SEO doesn’t cost anything because you would definitely get back the money you spent. Yes, SEO is widely considered a cost-effective form of online promotion (see the article in FORBES), but nobody can deny that you need to shell out money in order to get started. It is an investment.

Even if you do things on your own, you would need money to carry out various SEO strategies like link building.

What Kind of SEO do I Need?

One of the biggest questions you have to answer is whether you need a one-time project or an ongoing relationship. Most SEO firms offer project-based SEO services, which means you only have to pay a one-time. This is perfect if you’re simply looking for a solution to one problem, such as setting up a new website, fixing 301 redirects, or building links to a new landing page.

If you have indefinite needs, then you would probably need ongoing SEO services, which entails paying a certain amount every month. Here at SEO Kraken we have found most need a monthly plan that runs from four months to two years and will work on all the hidden aspects of making a website rank for years in the future.

For a business that is starting out, the basic SEO plan we call THUNDER is what is needed. But if you are in a more competitive arena and/or want faster results, then I would want to go with TSUNAMI.

How Are Prices Determined?

Many also make the mistake of thinking that bigger SEO companies have more expensive packages compared to smaller ones. You might be surprised to see that even small SEO firms demand high prices for their services. In most cases, the size of the firm has more to do with the range of services they offer. Larger firms tend to provide solutions to all kinds of Media Marketing needs, while smaller firms specialize in certain areas.

SEO Kraken is focussed on SEO. We Know how much time our employees have in a month and only accept the jobs we know we can accomplish. If your plan calls for 60 hours a month (TYPHOON) then that is the minimum of what you will get. We work entirely on a transparent model of trying to give our SEO Technicians a living wage. While most SEO firms charge $70 an hour we charge around $30 dollars an hour. 

In this current season of Covid-19 we are not out to get rich, but we do want to keep everyone employed and housed! So your $30 dollars is split between:

  • Salaries
  • Overhead
  • Supporting the work of Joe’s Addiction, a non-profit working with the  homeless, the gangs, and the addicted in Oklahoma City. Below is a video of their founder.

Competitive SEO

Your target market can also affect the cost of SEO. In general, the more competitive your target market, the more you need to allot for SEO services. This is because it’s tougher to rank for competitive keywords. You may have to outrank several other established sites, which can prove to be a long and grueling process.


For instance if you run a marijuana dispensary and there are 4 others within a mile, you are not only in highly competitive field you are in literally competing for rank on Google maps to be the first option a searching buyer will see. You have to do competitive SEO (TYPHOON & TSUNAMI) which will hit hard and not let up until you are on top.


If you’re not in a competitive niche, however, you can expect SEO services to be more affordable and yet have dramatic impact (THUNDER &TEMPEST).


The scope of your target market also influences the amount you need to spend on SEO services. A small business with a limited geographical reach only needs a small budget. If your target market has a larger population, then expect to pay a slightly higher price. Regional, national, and international campaigns demand the highest prices, easily reaching several thousand dollars.

Hire An SEO Firm That You Feel Comfortable With.

Keep in mind that when you’re looking for an SEO firm, don’t just look at the price of their services. Make sure that you’re comfortable working with them, especially if you’re committing to an ongoing relationship. See whether they’re easily accessible, educated about your industry, and have a team of SEO experts who can carry out the kind of service your business needs.

SEO Kraken Packages & Pricing

You will find similar prices elsewhere, but non will deliver as much as we do! Check it out!